"Escape from Troy" travels through Europe!

The journey of the film "Escape from Troy", which is produced by the founder of the Fund "Seven winds" Nikolai Malygin, and directed by Peter Dzogaba, continues. At the beginning of May this year, the film was presented at the film festival Le Marché du Film in Cannes, where the participants of this international forum showed an undoubted interest, and in June the film moved to the French town of Annecy, where the International festival of animated film (MIFA) was taking place. This is the main European event in the world of animation art.

Animated documentary film "Escape from Troy" introduces viewers to an interesting Russian artist Petr Zverkhovsky and his work. The structure of the film is itself quite original: the animated characters of the artist's paintings discuss the nature of their Creator, the peculiarities of his creative method, talk about their own experiences, remember moments of their life stories. Documentary footage and animation fragments are so organically intertwined that the film looks at the same breath.

According to producer Nikolay Malygin, the promotion of the film and the paintings of Petr Zverkhovsky, which started with the presentation of "Escape from Troy" at the Cannes film festival, took place at the International festival of animated film in Annecy. The audience reacted with interest to the" revived " characters of the artist's paintings, and the film aroused genuine interest. A good start is half the battle!

Today, the film is available in several versions – 20, 55 and 70 minutes – and is submitted to a number of European festivals of documentary and animated films.

Currently the film is presented on a well-known Internet resource https://artdoc.media/en/movie/pobeg_iz_troi_2018_54/
for the general public interested in contemporary painting.